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    Are you considering relocating to Spain and seeking an attractive investment opportunity? Spain’s Golden Visa program might be the path to your dreams. At Menorca Law, we specialize in assisting individuals and investors from around the world in obtaining their Golden Visas, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of living in Spain.

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    Golden Visa in Spain: Requirements

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    To apply for a Golden Visa in Spain, it’s essential to meet specific requirements set by the Spanish government. At Menorca Law, we are committed to helping you navigate these requirements and guiding you through the application process. Below are the key requirements to obtain a Golden Visa in Spain:

    1. Investment Requirement:

    • Real Estate Investment: You must invest a minimum of €500,000 in real estate property located in Spain. This can include residential, commercial, or a combination of properties.

    • Capital Transfer: Alternatively, you can qualify for a Golden Visa by transferring at least €1 million into Spanish banks or financial institutions.

    • Job Creation: If you plan to create jobs in Spain, you may be eligible for a Golden Visa. This typically involves the creation of at least ten jobs.


    2. Clean Criminal Record:

    • You must provide a criminal background check from your home country and any countries where you have resided in the last five years. A clean criminal record is a crucial requirement.

    3. Health Insurance:

    • You must have private health insurance coverage for you and your family members during your stay in Spain.

    4. Proving Financial Means:

    • You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself and your family while in Spain.

    5. Residency Requirement:

    • You must spend at least 183 days per year in Spain to maintain your Golden Visa status.

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    At Menorca Law, we have a proven track record of successfully assisting individuals and investors in meeting these requirements and obtaining their Golden Visas. Our team of experienced lawyers is dedicated to providing you with tailored guidance and ensuring a seamless application process.

    Our Golden Visa Services

    Our comprehensive Golden Visa services include:

    1. Assessment: We will assess your specific circumstances to determine the most suitable investment option for you.

    2. Documentation Assistance: Our team will help you gather and prepare all the necessary documents for your Golden Visa application.

    3. Application Submission: We’ll handle the submission of your application to the relevant authorities, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

    4. Legal Support: Our lawyers will be available to answer any legal questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

    5. Residency Maintenance: We can assist in meeting the residency requirements and ensuring you maintain your Golden Visa status.

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